This is my very first blog and I’d like to share the reason for me starting my own blog.

 I have always been a huge fan of bloggers and the fact that they’re able to use their platform to influence people. I have been following several bloggers and I have seen them grow, going from 500 followers to 15 000 if not more. 

Not only have I seen them grow in numbers, but they have been growing as people and it’s absolutely beautiful. The way they motivate people and influence them in a positive way… Like me perhaps. I’m starting my own blog as many young people are doing lately. 

The only thing is, you don’t realise how much effort and time go into creating a blog. There is so many things you have to consider, and you even have to plan. As you would when starting a small business.

Starting your Blog is more than a page where you share your points of views or pictures you took in a 5 star hotel with your bathing suit looking all delicious. Because let’s face it, not all of us has the body to go all out. This is why you have to know what it is you wish to achieve with your Blog, find your niche, be creative and being able to hold your audience and keep them loyal.

So I’ve decided to share how I started and what I considered to be important questions in my opinion.

Let’s get started;

You have to ask yourself;

>What is it that I want to achieve with my blog?

>Will I be able to follow through?  Since growing your audience takes quite some time. Alot of people tend to start a blog, bet end up forgetting, quitting and losing interest. 

> What genre will my Blog be? Lifestyle, Beauty, Health and fitness, photography, etc

There is so many other things to consider, like how often will I be able to post in order to keep your followers attention.

What are you willing to do to Gain more followers. This can be having competitions, collaborating with other bloggers, advertising your Blog.

Yes, you have to spend money if you’re going to be serious about your Blog

I hope this blog has been some help to some of you future bloggers. 

Try reaching out to more experienced bloggers should you need advice or assistance with something. They won’t turn you down.

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Help a fellow blogger grow, by reading, liking and commenting on their blog. That is really all it takes to support a Blogger.

Happy reading😃


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Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing the best you can.


Hey darlings, 

It’s been a while I know…

I am currently busy studying for my upcoming exams, so I will be quite busy for a while… But I’ll make sure to post soon!

I decided to finally write this post that, should have been written about a week ago… Maybe more but it, completely slipped my mind 🙈

So, my latest creation was with the Amazing Essence Nail Gel. I cannot begin to tell you how much I just love this product. 💜💜💜

My collection is insane and I am kind of proud of it.😍😍

The thing I like about this gel nail polish is the brush! You guys, it’s a thick brush that makes application so much easier and there is literally minimal to no mess. 
With this product 1 coat is all you need, but I feel comfortable with 2 coats. I apply the second coat after the first have dried to ensure that I don’t mistake myself by thinking it’s dry when the bottom coat is still wet… It happens. 

I’m obsessed with self-care so, I always look after my nails. With Essence Gel Nail Polish my manicure lasts an entire week and I don’t have issues with nail polish chipping either. 

It is super important that your nails itself is in a good condition before applying any nail polish, you might just be wasting your time when applying it and when you check again half of your manicure is peeled off. 🙈🙈🙈😱

 It is just as important to find a brand that lasts for you. 

It happens. (I will post a different post about how I take care of my hands and nails) 

Essence Nail Repair Oil

It is for your nails and cuticles. I know it says “repair”, but this product has been ensuring that my nails don’t get damaged as well. 

Having a manicure every week, even if it’s self made manicure is not good for your nails at all. This is why I always keep my nails nail polish free for a few days after every 2 weeks. This is important, because your nails need to just be nails for a while. 

I saw a post saying that our nails needs to breathe, but nails don’t breathe since it’s basically dead skin.

Price: under R50

The nail repair oil is a good hydrating product. It contains Argon oil and smells nice. I always just apply some over my cuticles when I’m done with my manicure… Rub them into my hands and then I’m ready to go. If you have cuticle oil, that will do too, if you find that is working for you then go with it. 

This product is a little under R30 and is available at stores like Clicks and Dischem. So, it’s easy to get your hands on and super affordable . 

If you haven’t yet, you should give it a try! 

Product Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤


What is your favourite nail polish brand and why is It your Favourite ???

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Lying awake in bed at this hour (01:20 a.m) and I realised I have been postponing this blog post for a few days now… 🙈

First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every single one of my followers. I am pretty excited about the fact that I have reached 100 followers, it took a few months to get here BUT I’M HERE😀😀!! And it is all thanks to my followers… 

Thank You so much for taking time to read, like and comment on my blog posts. I hope that, what you have seen so far was worth the read. Any feedback on how I can improve or be more creative is welcome.

Why this is important to me…

I have always admired the abilities platforms give to bloggers. Yes, everyone use their blog differently. But I’m talking about those who has a bigger vision. Those who aren’t just doing it for the fame and events/ perks… 

There’s bloggers out there making an actual change in the world, it doesn’t matter how small the contribution. It’s just that one act of kindness that makes somebody else’s day a little brighter… And I think that is beautiful🌈🌻

I have been seeing so many blogs that belong to different people, but are so similar. They have huge audiences and no idea how to turn their brand into something bigger. It’s the simple things… I mean are we really doing all of this just for the likes, comments, and followers, and hoping for free products to review from companies or collaborations? Because if that’s the goal then I am not so sure anymore. 

Having a platform should be more than that. Yes, maybe your make up artistry blog is doing great… The numbers are good, you’re audience are interactive and everything couldn’t be better… 

But what are you doing for your audience ? 

What is the end goal ?

What do you want your blog/brand to be remembered for? 

How are you making a change in your community ?

How are you making a difference?

Like I said it doesn’t have to be huge… But I guess what I’m trying to say is that, there should be more coming from our side when having the tools… 

Just a midnight thought… 

ULB 😘 

Thank you so much to all of my followers once again… I’m thankful!

And good luck with your journey!🍀

Any Cape Town bloggers up for making a small change? Let’s throw some ideas around!

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I was busy studying, then I realised it’s been more than a week since my last blog post. I’m sorry… 

But to make it up to you guys, I’ve decided to review the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. 

Firstly of all I would just like to express how amazing this product is in the sense of the way it smells and its texture, but I’ll elaborate more on that as we go. (I get excited about these things)😱

As you can see on the image above, it is quite cute and sophisticated packaged, and it comes in a variety of shades which is AMAZING! 

I’ve opted to choose this colour which is called Devotion, because in any other brand I cannot pull this colour off… And the textures are not as smooth as the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. Nonetheless I still couldn’t pull off the colour which is all on me ofcourse, plus it’s sort of sad. However, I made it work by using a darker shade lip pencil underneath this shade and it kind of looked gorgeous. I should have taken pictures… 

More about The Product…

Eventhough by its name you’re expecting a matte finish for this product, that’s not exactly the case… Yes, the colour appears matte, but it still has a bit of  a subtle shine, it’s a lightweight product. Which under the circumstances is not a bad thing, because it makes the application of this product so much better. Also it has a super awesome applicator, it’s flat instead of round and picks up enough of the product to cover your lip area.

Although this product does not leave your lips “matte dry“, you can still get the matte look if that’s what you’re going for… Simply bite your lips down on a tissue, to get rid of the subtle shine and Viola! Matte! That trick also helps with keeping your product on longer, so when eating or drinking it won’t come off completely. 

But I mean a fresh coat is just a must after eating RIGHT!

This product is super smooth when applying. The velvet matte lipcolor is really worth the hype and it’s totally worth the price. 

Retail Price: R 179

Rating: 4/5

Lack of focus is the death Of all potential. -Anonymous 


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Just For The Volume 

Have you ever noticed how guys have extremely long eyelashes?  I mean not only are they long they have volume too… So they could pull them off without having to use mascara or eyeliner, if that was a thing for guy ofcourse.😂 #WhyEven

I myself have long lashes, but I still need some mascara for volume for that extra POP! I invested in Essence Mascara called Get BIG lashes Volume Boost Mascara.

It costs less than R50, another reason why I love investing into Essence Cosmetics (mostly lipglosses, lipliners, Eyeliners, nail gel, eyeshadow and Blush). They are super affordable and you get excellent results with most of their products. 

It was my first time buying this specific Mascara, and I have to say I was quite impressed. The brush and it’s shape (Fat Brush Wand)? Totally helped alot with applying my mascara and gave me the needed volume. I tend to sometimes get some mascara  in or around my eye (Talk about epic fail😂) with my previously used brand, because it was a classic mascara wand, but it gave my lashes the needed volume. And I still love it.

Tip for when getting some mascara around your eye area: 

Wait until it try before removing it. This keeps you from messing up your make up around the area.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Reading Darlings😘


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Random Thoughts And More

I was busy doing my nails for this week and I found myself thinking about motivation and friends… 

Strange thing to think about when you’re pampering yourself wouldn’t you say? Truth be told it’s been bugging me for a while. The reason for it? I do not know, but it lead me to writing this post. I guess something came from it.

I think I’ve always been the most motivated, and optimistic person… Well, Atleast that’s what I’d like to think. I mean things don’t always go my way, but never have I given up or say I can’t and quit before even starting.

I’m a self motivator, by choice that is. I know that sometimes you need an extra push from friends or mentors, but I am a bit of a loner. Don’t get me wrong I do have friends, but they don’t know that much. They only know as much as I let them in on. 

I always believed that friends ought to know when you’re upset, angry or just in need of an ear or shoulder. I mean I am always there for them and I know when something’s off, because I pay attention. And I don’t mind being there for my friends, but it gets exhausting. Oh  My Gosh! 😨 I’m about to digress for a minute But…

Am I the only one? Sometimes our friends complain about the most trivial things. Things that’s not supposed to be an issue or things that can be fixed. I mean it’s good to get things off your chest, but come on… No one cares to hear about your 5th break up with the same guy/girl or how you like someone and don’t know what to do about it. Those are things that has answers to it and it’s pretty obvious too. 

Anyway it got me thinking why no one is ever there for you when you need someone? It’s just funny, how people expect you to always be okay, like you’re not human or have your whole live figured out. It’s kind of sad at times. 

Back to  motivation… As a blogger I’ve found that it can be a bit challenging and you need motivation to just remember why you started in the first place. 

In a previous blog I’ve mentioned how it can take some time to achieve your goals. Truth be told… I need some blogger friends… (sigh) 

Blogging is not a one person thing. It’s a community. And I think alot of bloggers don’t see that. I’ve been reading tweets on twitter about how bloggers don’t support each other and it’s quite sad. 

I love seeing people grow and I think it would be so much better if and when you’ve been part of another ones success. Even when all you did was assist in some blogging tips or general assistance. 

I don’t see why it’s so hard to support each other…


What is motivation to you? 

As a blogger your motivation would be whatever it is you want to achieve with your blog.

Whether it is to make money, reach a big audience, travel, review products… that is your motivation. No matter how big or small.

But that push you need to get to your end goal is motivation as well… and that is the kind that’s like a shower, you need it every day. 

If you have a friend that is trying something new, be there for them, support them, motivate them, and cheer them on. You have no idea how powerful a few words of encouragement can be. I am usually the one motivating my friends and supporting them, and let me tell you I actually wish I had a friend like me… sounds funny does it? 

Be there for a friend, appreciate them help them. 

Happy Blogging!

Uniq Lifestyle Blog 😃

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Sometimes, just sometimes you stumble on to something great.

 This happened to me the day I decided to support a friend in her venture to sell Justine and Avroy Shlain products.
I have to admit I was a little nervous about buying them, because I have gotten so used to my everyday routine products. Nonetheless, I bought myself a few goodies and to my surprise I fell in love with most of them. This would teach me not to judge a book by its cover, wouldn’t it?

The Justine products I chose was Perfumed Body Lotion called Tabasheer, Perfumed Body Soufflé and their clinically proven Tissue oil. Which are all winners in my book I have got to give them at least a 4/5? 

It smells absolutely heavenly, keeps your skin hydrated and the Tissue oil? It is the bomb. I took the liberty to check out some reviews about these products, and most of them have only positive feedback. I guess I will be buying these again.😱

Justine products can be a little pricey, but they are so worth it. 

The Avroy Shlain products I bought was, a few shades of lipsticks, Burgundy Babe, Fire Red, and Mona Lisa (which is a kind of Brown) and OH so chocolate which was also a kind of brown lip crayon, eyeliner silver and black (pencil).

The shade fire Red? Super intense, so that was my ultimate favourite. The other three shades were not as intense and didn’t quite suit me, so they have been used once or probably twice and have not been touched since. 

The eyeliner pencils are both winners to me. I use them quite often, because they are intense in shade and doesn’t come off that easily for reasons like swimming.

Nonetheless, these products are all cheap. So if you find a shade you like it will be totally worth it.


  1. Red fire Lipstick (Avroy Shlain )
  2. Eyeliners (Avroy Shlain)
  3. TABASHEER body Lotion (Justine)
  4. TABASHEER Body Soufflé (Justine)
  5. Tissue oil (Justine)

You can get your hands on these by getting incontact with a rep for these brands. 

Feedback is always welcome. 

Thanks for reading!



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What seems like an easy decision to make, really is the decision that can make or break your Blog. Choosing a platform/s you’ll be using for your blog is not something you should do lightly as all of them requires time and dedication.

Are you up to date with social media or technology trends?

Choosing your platforms means Choosing your audience… 

Keep in mind that not everyone is on Facebook anymore as alot of people prefer Instagram or Twitter. And alot of people aren’t into the data hungry apps and prefer Facebook. Recently bloggers has found that Pinterest is another platform that is not too bad if you want a bigger audience and more activity, but as I said choosing a platform is choosing your audience.

For instance, if you’re going to be photography Blogger, your top choice would be Instagram, with that you can choose twitter and Facebook if you feel like expanding. 

Now, if you’re going to have a Beauty blog, your Platforms will be YouTube, Instagram and Facebook… Maybe Twitter, but the twitter audience are interested in news more than what’s the latest Lipstick. But if you can pull it off, why not.


Your Blog Name

Your Blog name should be something that people will remember or something catchy. Well, depending on whether it’s a personal blog or something you want to brand with a name. It’s really up to you, but you will have to be sure and happy with what you choose. 



>You can start posting.

>Keep up with the latest hashtags trends. Use it in your post as it will help you reach a bigger audience. 

>Like, follow and comment on other bloggers’ blogs to let them know about you and your blog.

>Reach out to other bloggers about collaborations or advice.

>Share the website link to your latest blog.

>And be active with your followers. Follow them back if you must. It is important that you keep your audience happy and they are there for the same reason as you… To gain more followers.

There is nothing wrong with following 7000 pages and having 7000 followers as well.

But having 7000 followers and you only follow 7 pages? You are not Beyoncé, you will lose followers with each day. Unless you have frequent Give aways.

Starting a blog is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time, but it will be worth it!

This is just my opinion, I believe in being active with my audience, because that’s what I ended up enjoying while being big fans of great bloggers… They made me feel inspired that way.

Keep up the great work! 😋

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